Disney has hired Deadpool writing duo, Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, to draft a potential Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. According to Deadline, " Disney is exploring a reboot of its billion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise", and a recent meeting with Reese & Wernick went well enough to kick-start negotiations.

After five movies and more the $4.5 billion in the bank, Disney was never going to retire the franchise indefinitely, even if the response to last summer's Salazar's Revenge (or Dead Men Tell No Tales) was mixed at best. Johnny Depp returned once again as Captain Jack Sparrow, for another convoluted adventure that was running on fumes. Still, almost $800 million at the global box office plus robust Home Entertainment numbers, Pirates 5 was far from a failure, financially speaking. For me, as soon as Sir Paul McCartney showed up looking like Teen Wolf's dad, I checked out.

It remains unclear to what extent the proposed new film will be a reboot; some fans would say that there is no Pirates movie without Jack Sparrow. Others might be of the persuasion that Depp has played the character long enough, and perhaps it's time for the franchise to sail into fresh waters. That said, they could easily do a series of prequels with a new actor playing a young Jack Sparrow. If you think that's out the window because we saw a de-aged Depp as young Sparrow in Salazar's Revenge. Disney has no issues recasting beloved characters; if they can tell us that Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo, I'm sure the universe can withstand somebody else playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

In addition to working on X-Force, and Deadpool 3,  Reese & Wernick have a bunch of projects on the horizon with Zombieland 2, a reboot of Clue starring Ryan Reynolds, and Michael Bay's Netflix action flick 6 Underground starring some chap called Ryan Reynolds. Just putting this out there, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has an 83% chance that Ryan Reynolds will star in the movie should Reese & Wernick wind up writing it.