Before we get started, I have to make it clear that this only a rumour, a stone cold brilliant one but a rumour no less. According to Deadline, Disney are in the very early stages of putting a new Indiana Jones movie together, instead of the long mooted fifth entry with Harrison Ford resuming his duties Deadline are reporting that a reboot might be in the offering. Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is rumoured to be at the top of the list to step into the shoes of the adventuring archeologist.

I don’t mind admitting that this is an unusual feeling, I always knew the day would come in my lifetime when the dreaded words ‘Indiana Jones reboot’ would be uttered. I accepted this a long time ago and back in 2013 when Disney bought the rights from Paramount, I knew it was only a matter of time. Then Disney casually throws Chris Pratt’s name out there, and now I don’t know what to think or how I should feel about it. Pratt has the prerequisite charm and square jaw heroics, but can anybody fill the fedora like Harrison Ford can?

On the one hand, the obvious answer is no, Indiana Jones is a classic and the magic Spielberg created in the original trilogy can’t be replicated. Then, on that devil's advocate like second hand, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull showed up after 17 years and didn’t live up to expectations so would a reboot  be such a bad idea? A happy compromise would be to ignore Shia LaBeouf was Indy’s son in part four and replace him with Chris Pratt for a new torch passing movie starring Harrison Ford.

When Ford signed up for Star Wars Episode VII, it was rumoured that Disney’s commitment, to producing a fifth Indiana Jones movie, was part of that deal. This rumour was never substantiated, but it made sense as Ford was always vocal about having one more spin as Dr Jones. This creates a paradox of conflicted feelings as I genuinely like Chris Pratt, but I’m not sure the world is ready for an Indiana Jones reboot.