In what I can only label the best freaking news I've had in ages, Doom Patrol has finally been renewed for a third season of outlandish adventures. While it remains unclear how many episodes the third season will consist of, the one significant change will be that new instalments will air exclusively on HBO Max. Previously, Doom Patrol was available on DC Universe first, then added to HBO Max once the season was completed. 

Here's what HBO Max's Head of Original Content, Sarah Aubrey, had to say;

“’Doom Patrol’ came to HBO Max with an already deep and passionate fan base and has risen to the top as one of the most-watched Max Originals on the platform. The series sits well in our portfolio and we are glad to greenlight a third season to continue this distinctive style of storytelling that resonates so well with critics and fans alike.”

Arguably the craziest, most out-there corner of the DC universe, Doom Patrol goes where few comic books dare to go, and I'm not talking about travelling to a magical world housed inside a donkey. Well, they go there as well, but Doom Patrol isn't your typical family-friendly offering. The pandemic cut the second run short by one episode which meant season two was left on an insanely WTF moment, happily we will find out what happens next even if we have to wait a while. 

A fantastic cast that includes Timothy Dalton, Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby Joivan Wade, Diane Guerrero (who nearly steals the show as Crazy Jane), and guest star Alan Tudyk are just some of the reasons that Doom Patrol should be your new favourite thing. Now that HBO Max has done the right thing and renewed Doom Patrol, how about it gets a shift on and picks up the animated Harley Quinn series for a third season. 

UK fans can catch all current episodes of Doom Patrol on StarzPlay.