Based of the hugely popular video game series, Splinter Cell is officially heading to the big screen and Bourne Identity director Doug Liman is in line to take the gig. Tom Hardy is already attached to star as black ops operative Sam Fisher, along with his highly trained team members use the latest technology to combat terrorist forces.

The recently released Need For Speed has struggled to make the impact it wanted and as suffered the usual damning reviews that most video game movie adaptations receive. Splinter Cell is an easier and genre friendly game to adapt as when it comes to action movies there is always a demand. Tom Hardy’s casting is something of a coup and should give us some indication that the script by Eric Warren Singer is of good quality. Singer was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on American Hustle so his involvement in Splinter Cell makes for an already intriguing project.

Doug Liman is currently in post production on summer blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow, the sci-fi action movie stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as two soldiers trapped in a time loop of the final day battling an alien invasion. Should Liman sign up for Splinter Cell it could be a while before it goes before cameras, currently he’s mounting a production of Everest based on the story of 1920s mountain climber George Mallory. Benedict Cumberbatch is rumoured to be interested in the role although nothing official has been announced. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news on the Splinter Cell movie as it comes in.