A patch has recently been made available for Bioware's latest game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, intending to fix many of the problems that players have been experiencing since its release at the end of November. The patch addresses both single-player and multi-player content in the game.

One of the changes in the patch addresses the problems which many have had with the game's Search function: the Search function allows players to detect items and interactive objects near their character by emitting a short “ping”; a small sound will indicate if there are any objects that they can pick up, read, use, or otherwise interact with, and any nearby are highlighted for a short duration to make them easier to identify. Many players have found this function difficult to use, as the highlight around objects can be very difficult to detect – a faint glimmer that blends in with much of the game's palette unless you're searching around in pitch-black areas. The new patch will increase the duration that objects are highlighted for, and will also indicate their whereabouts on the player's mini-map, making them much easier to find. 

Other updates indicated in the changelog include a number of changes to character's skills operating incorrectly, some menu and user-interface changes, improvements to the game's overall stability, as well as a few problems involving the game's save and autosave functions.

Unfortunately, the patch seems to have had some unintended consequences which have already been detected; many players have discovered that facial scars that they had given their Inquisitor seem to have been removed as a result of the patch. The folks at Bioware have again noted the problem and are working on a solution to address the issue.

Bioware have indicated on their blog that future patches will focus on improvements to Dragon Age: Inquisition's overall gameplay. In particular, they intend to address a particularly frustrating bug that prevents much of your companions' dialogue from initiating while wandering around the levels – the Dragon Age series is particularly well-known for the companion's snappy (and often snarky) banter between one another, but, due to problems with the game, much of their dialogue fails to occur. This problem has been noted, and the likelihood for dialogue being initiated will be increased in a future patch.

The patch is currently online and available for those playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 – a patch for players on the Xbox One will be made available later.