So we're a few weeks into the new Fall season and that means our TV schedules have gotten super busy as we put our DVR's to work and say goodbye to our social lives. Not everyone has the time to sift through all the shows available to us, and if that's the case for you then I'm about to help you out. Over the next week I'll sort through what's worth watching on every night of the week so you have more time to commit to your Gilmore Girls marathon.

Monday night TV is crowded with shows that mostly require your attention and week-by-week dedication, like procedurals and high-concept dramas. So what's worth watching live and what can wait in the DVR for a little bit? Let's look at the schedule, hour by hour. Bonus: If you need help figuring out which new shows to watch, I've come up with a way to recommend them based on personal taste.

8 o'clock Hour


Gotham (Fox)- We're a couple episodes into Gotham at this point and it shows signs of real promise. The show has problems when it comes to tone consistencies, and sometimes I can't decide if the show wants to be campy-noir or serious-noir. Fans of the comics will be thrilled every time they see a new hero or villain, but Batman fans who have only paid attention to the Nolan films will need a few more episodes to decide whether it's worth keeping in the rotation. Personally, I'd like to see Benjamin McKenzie do more and I'd like to see the show really find its voice. So far I've been entertained so I'll give it a few more episodes before deciding.

Watch if you like: Batman, film noirs, Grimm, The Cape, broody men.

DVR or Watch Live: Watch live, at least for now.



Big Bang Theory (CBS)- Cookie-cutter sitcom/characters that we've all seen before. You know enough about this one, there's nothing new I could tell you.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR.

9 o'clock Hour


Sleepy Hollow (Fox)- This show brings a die-hard audience but might not have been on your radar yet. If you like historical supernatural shows then I definitely recommend catching up on the first season of Sleepy Hollow. It produces some really great episodes that are worth your time, but if only if you have that time to devote to it.

Watch if you like: Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, magic realism.

DVR or Watch Live: Watch live if it's your type of show.



Scorpion (CBS)- A bunch of smart people team up to form a smart group and because they're so smart the government needs their help doing smart stuff. That seems to be the gist of this show.

Watch if you like: CBS procedurals, Alphas, Katharine McPhee.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR and binge episodes later on.

10 o’clock Hour



Castle (ABC)- It seems like most of this season will be spent on the mystery of what happened to Castle in-between seasons. For a show that shines brightest when it deals with series-long mythology, I’m excited for what’s in store. 

DVR or Watch Live: DVR



NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)- Another day, another NCIS.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR, or skip.



The Blacklist (NBC)- This show helped NBC come in first ahead of the major networks last season and it’s really hoping to do it again. I gave up on this show for pretending that Red being Elizabeth’s father is some secret that they’re not going to reveal, as if it isn’t completely obvious. But the most interesting thing about this season will be whether or not it suffers from a sophomore slump.

Watch if you like: White Collar, Person of Interest, Homeland, James Spader being coy.

DVR or Watch Live: Watch live so that it won't be spoiled for you.