Yesterday I covered the list of Monday night shows worth watching, and because this is a five day series, it's time to list Tuesday's lineup. All week I’ll be sorting through the best shows airing every night of the week so that you have more time to go back and watch Twin Peaks in celebration of yesterday’s news.

Tuesday nights have something for everything, with comedies airing opposite procedurals and superhero shows airing alongside, well, Supernatural. It’s also an insanely busy night of television so there’s no way a sane person can watch everything that’s available. So what’s worth watching live and what can wait in the DVR for a little bit? Let’s look at the schedule, hour by hour. Bonus: If you need help figuring out which new shows to watch, I’ve come up with a way to recommend them based on personal taste.

8 o’clock Hour



Selfie (ABC)




I was a big fan of Suburgatory so I’m probably the world’s biggest optimist when it comes to Emily Kapnek’s newest show, Selfie. This show got a lot of heat based on the name alone, but it’s only a victim in a string of badly titled ABC shows (Cougar Town, Trophy Wife, Blackish, etc.). This sitcom begins with Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) obsessed with internet followers, only to discover the downside of having anonymous likes on social media when her most embarrassing moment goes viral. I know this show sounds awful on paper, but I’d like to believe it has a lot of promise.


Watch if you like: Suburgatory, social media culture, You’re The Worst.
DVR or Watch Live: DVR


Manhattan Love Story (8:30, ABC)




Oy. This show is every sexist stereotype put into over-the-top voice overs and is this falls most cringe-worthy new comedy.  

Watch if you like: Work It, America’s Next Top Model, wasting your time.
DVR or Watch Live: Skip completely.


The Flash (CW)



There is not a single new show this Fall that I’m excited about more than The Flash. The pilot starts out strong and The CW has shown that it knows how to handle cool, fresh, superheroes. Arrow is one of my favorite shows currently on the air, in part due to the lead, Stephen Amell but mostly because of how great Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) is in every episode. I’m emotionally invested in Arrow and I can’t wait to see if The Flash’s first season is as good as the pilot is.

Watch if you like: Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Smallville.
DVR or Watch Live: Watch live.


9 o’clock Hour



Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)



This show wasn’t the mega-hit that ABC hoped it would be, but it performed well enough to earn a second season. If, like me, you stopped watching after only a handful of those early episodes, you might be tempted to jump back in based on the awesome guest stars lined up for this year. Lucy Lawless, Adrianne Palicki, Reed Diamond (and more) are all set to appear throughout the season which seems like enough to be excited about.

DVR or Watch Live: Watch live (to see if the second season is worth it)


Mary Me (NBC)



I love that this show is being helmed as “Happy Endings: The Year of Penny” because I’m not sure I’ll ever be over the fact that Happy Endings was cancelled. Ken Marino and Casey Wilson are both some of my favorite comedic actors and I always love when writers are able to write well for Wilson. My only concern for this show, and one I have no doubt will be settled during the first season, is that the premise is lacking. However, my trust in David Caspe is basically unwavering so I have a feeling the premise of this show was pitched as a way to get greenlit, and will soon abandon it once the show finds its own voice.


Watch if you like: Happy Endings, Better With You, They Came Together (the movie).

DVR or Watch Live: Watch live if you’re not interested in the dramas available. Otherwise, DVR.


NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)



Yes, another NCIS show on CBS. Only a few more years and CBS will be comprised solely of CSI, NCIS and Big Bang Theory blocks.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR and watch when there’s nothing else to keep you occupied.


New Girl (FOX)



Fox is having a disastrous fall season so far, and New Girl is doing nothing to help. I think this fourth season started strong, with notable appearances from Jessica Biel and Reid Scott, though I could’ve done without the second episode in which Schmidt helps Jess be rude on dates. But anything is better than last seasons horrible execution of the Jess/Nick relationship.


DVR or Watch Live: DVR.


Supernatural (CW)



This show has one heck of a cult following that will keep it on the air for as long as the actors will keep renewing their contracts. Every year it seems like we hear rumors that the show will be ending and every year they prove those rumors false. The CW hasn’t had a bonafide hit since Vampire Diaries so they’re not going to give up Supernatural that easily. If you’re not already a fan of the show you can get caught up on Netflix; while the nine previous seasons seem daunting just know that you’ll get so sucked into binge-watching it that you’ll have it done in no time.


DVR or Watch Live: DVR or wait to binge on Netflix next year (it’s a fun show to watch all at once).


About a Boy (9:30, NBC)



Here’s a fun fact about About a Boy: it was the first NBC sitcom to be renewed for a second season since Community in 2010 (if you don’t count Whitney or Up All Night (which you shouldn’t)). How crazy is that? That goes to show how desperately NBC needed a comedy to work last season. I would’ve rather seen Growing Up Fisher get a second season renewal (what a charming show) but About a Boy is nothing to scoff at. It’s got its charms and it can be funny but also heartwarming which is so rare and exciting in a sitcom. Bonus: I’ll watch any show created by Jason Katims.


Watch if you like: Suburgatory, Parenthood, Trophy Wife.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR or stream online.


The Mindy Project (9:30, Fox)



Like New Girl (or everything to air on Fox this year), Fox can’t be thrilled at The Mindy Project's ratings but they can count me as a genuine fan. It took awhile for me to watch the show for any other reason than I love Mindy Kaling and have always been a fan of hers. I was excited about The Mindy Project back when she first mentioned it on WTF with Marc Maron in early 2012 and I think I’ll watch it for as long as its on. At times it’s been rocky, and has struggled to find it’s voice and use for all the characters in Mindy Lahiri’s world but that doesn’t matter. Kaling is just so charming to watch on screen. This third season has started out pretty strong with it’s handling of the Mindy/Danny relationship (New Girl, take notes). And who doesn’t love an episode where Rhea Perlman guest stars (or basically the entire cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).


DVR or Watch Live: Watch live when you’re done watching Marry Me.


10 o’clock Hour



Awkward/Faking It (MTV)



These two teen dramedys are guilty pleasures of mine because they’re light and fun. They’re basically the TV equivalent of a YA high school romance novel and I can’t deny loving them. I’ve watched Awkward from the beginning and think the dialogue is, at it’s best, able to make me laugh in the same way Juno did. Faking It is a bit newer as it just started it's second season but I like it for all the same reasons as Awkward. Both casts are cute and nail the campy-but-also-real acting that MTV loves. Bonus: Faking It has lined up Laverne Cox and Nicholas Brendon as guest stars this season.


Watch if you like: Juno, Popular, Glee, to turn your mind off for awhile.

DVR or Watch Live: DVR or stream online.


Sons of Anarchy (FX)



SoA is in it’s last season so, if you’re a fan, it is not to be missed. The show has always played by its own rules so this final season will pull as many punches as possible.


DVR or Watch Live: Watch live if you’re all caught up.


Chicago Fire (NBC)



I know several people who love Chicago Fire, and the episodes I have seen haven’t failed to illicit a strong emotional reaction to some pretty sad scenes. It’s done well enough for NBC so far that it has produced its own spinoff so it definitely has an audience. As far as network shows go, it does a pretty good job at keeping the viewers in suspense when it comes to killing off characters which is something I always admire.


DVR or Watch Live: Watch live if you’re not a Sons of Anarchy fan.


Forever (ABC)



After seeing the first three episodes I can safely say I like this show well enough to stick with it during this first season. I like Dr. Henry Morgan; especially when he’s alongside Detective Joe Martinez. If you’re unaware of what the show is about I’ll try to explain it in one sentence: a medical examiner has been immortal for 200 years but doesn’t know why. My favorite part of the premise is the “doesn’t know why” part because it gives the show an interesting angle. The show also hasn’t overwhelmed me with all the mysteries that are involved so everything feels nicely contained in an enjoyable hour of television.

Watch if you like: Castle, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes.
DVR or Watch Live: DVR (and possibly binge).


Person of Interest (CBS)



When Person of Interest was first announced at the 2011 CBS Upfronts, I was pretty excited but also nervous about the shows chance at survival. After a string of network genre misfires (Flashforward, The Event, V) I was skeptical that any high concept drama could stick around. Clearly I had no reason to be nervous because PoI performs well for the eye network. Person of Interest is close to scoring that sweet, sweet syndication money so this one isn’t going anywhere for a couple more seasons.


DVR or Watch Live: DVR and binge them all so you don’t forget anything.

Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of this article. Come back tomorrow to see what you should be watching on Wednesday nights.

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