The first I'd heard of this Playstation 3 exclusive was on the E3 Stage earlier this week, The Last of Us from Naughty Dog exploded onto the huge screens with a bloody, vengeful, massacre of mega proportions. Was this the game that "I Am Alive" was supposed to be? 

More than likely but Naughty Dog and Sony don't do things by halves and they proudly presented this epic Playstation 3 exclusive knowing that the crowd would cheer and that they had more exclusives up their sleeve with equally enthralling visuals and story to boot.

The Last of Us, surprised and drew viewers in with an explosion of the E3 hash tag on twitter proclaiming their love for this new footage. There's no release date yet but as soon as there's more news on this title we'll be sure to bring it to you!

Below is the Truck Ambush Trailer form earlier in the year and the footage in question.

For screenshots and other wonderful extras check out the official boxofficeBUZ The Last Of Us Game Page.