The Magic School Bus is set to ride again in a new live-action movie from Universal Pictures and Scholastic Entertainment. Based on books by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, The Magic School Bus charts the educational adventures of Ms Frizzle and her class of students who embark on fantastic lessons in the titular Magic School Bus. Able to transform into anything from a spaceship to shrinking down to a microsized bus, there's nowhere Ms Frizzle can't take her class in the name of education.

Elizabeth Banks is set to star as Ms Frizzle (and produce through her Brownstone Productions) in the live-action animated hybrid that promises to educate and entertain in equal measures. Scholastic Entertainment's Chief Strategy Officer, Iole Lucchese, had this to say about the first big-screen adventure for The Magic School Bus.

“We are delighted to bring to life the iconic Ms. Frizzle and her zest for knowledge and adventure in a fresh new way that inspires the next generation of kids to explore science and supports the dedicated teachers who help make science real and accessible for young learners every day."

To a generation like me, we were introduced to The Magic School Bus with the excellent 90s animated series that featured Lily Tomlin as Ms Frizzle. Back in 2017, Netflix revived the show with a sequel series titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Kate McKinnon voices Ms Frizzle's younger sister Fiona with Tomlin back in a supporting role. While it only lasted two seasons, the sequel series was made with the same lovable gusto as the original, a fully worthy follow-up. 

The Magic School Bus is the second high-profile Universal project that Elizabeth Banks is currently developing. Earlier this year it was revealed that Banks would direct and star in a remake of The Invisible Woman