“I drive,” said Ryan Gosling in the aptly titled neo-noir thriller Drive. Although delivered through a completely different contextual lens, the same words could easily be used by Ethan Hawke to encapsulate the essence of the action presented in the first trailer for the upcoming thriller Getaway.

Playing the role of a famous race car driver whose wife (Rebecca Budig) has been kidnapped by a mysterious baddie (Jon Voight, in hammy accent mode), Hawke is seen either driving his car, sitting inside of it, or standing next to it. Of course, the plot gives us a reason for all this high-octane car action. In gist, Hawke is commanded to drive around incessantly doing anything the bad guy tells him to do so as to prevent his wife from being killed. Enter Selena Gomez, who all-too conveniently appears on the scene as an apparent carjacker who picks the wrong vehicle at the wrong time (one would assume there is more to her character than meets the eye).

Offering up what appears to be a cheesy story full of cardboard characters and flat performances, the trailer delivers the goods where it counts: car chases. Moviegoers can “Getaway” from their daily routines on August 30th when the film arrives in theatres.