The next game from the creators of the Left 4 Dead franchise is due to be released this week. 

On February 10th, Turtle Rock Studio's asymmetrical Hunters-versus-Monster multiplayer game Evolve will be available on Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

In Evolve, players get the opportunity to play on either the side of the Hunters – a team made up of four players – or as a Monster, controlled by one player, on the distant planet of Shear. True to their names, Hunters must co-operate in order to fight and destroy the Monster before it can do the same to them, with each side making use of special abilities to aid in their side's victory. Hunters are split into four classes: Assault, focusing on damage-dealings; Trappers, specialising in tracking and trapping the Monster; Medics, whose class abilities focus on healing; and Support, which use special tactics such as providing invisibility for other Hunters. Players favouring the more monstrous side of battle will be able to choose from a roster of monsters such as the Wraith, Behemoth or Kraken, each with their own special abilities that allows them to take down the Hunters.

The various modes in the game lay down the various settings and objectives for Hunters and Monsters, such as Hunt, where the Hunters must kill the Monster before it takes out and important power relay, or kills them instead.; or Rescue, where Hunters must co-operate to locate and defend colonists on the world of Shear before the Monster can track them down and kill them.

Players will also be able to get into the game on solo missions in an offline mode, taking on the role of a Hunter alongside NPC Hunters, or taking on a whole group of NPC Hunters by playing as the Monster.

In January, a number of open and closed beta tests of Evolve had taken place across each of the console systems, involving players in the development of the game by having them play through the game and using the feedback from these public playtests to highlight problems and issues before the full release date of February 10th.

Some of the feedback from the beta tests has already been incorporated into the game; a 3GB patch for players to download will also be made available on day one of Evolve's release, providing reduced loading times, bug fixes, updated and replaced Elite skins for Hunters and Monsters alike, and support for the Evolve: Hunter's Quest app, available on mobile devices.