The largest comic and film convention in Canada is not something we could miss and once again Boxofficebuz was there on the floor to meet with the stars and see all manner of exciting and entertaining merchandise, shows and of course cosplays.

Returning Favourites: Stan Lee was back this year as were cast members from the Lord of the Rings namely Elijah Wood. Tee Turtle was back with their fantastic booth (seriously go check them out here along with the web comic creators for Least I Could Do, Spinnarette, Cynide and Happiness, and Rock Paper Cynic. Every major gaming platform had a booth showcasing some amazing works yet to come. We got our hands on a few games and saw some more amazing stuff but more on that later.

New Guys: Two big ones came about this year. Firstly Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, had a grand show space and kept their crowd entertained with plenty of giveaways, free swag and even a real replica of Leona's Sun Blade. A very strong first showing. Additionally the North Building of the convention center played host to the Intel Extreme Starcraft 2 Tournament's Quarter to Grand Final matches where players Flash and Zest put on quite a show for the crowd for the title of champion.

Show Highlights: Meeting Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza is always a treat and Tee Turtle brought a much wider selection of their work than in previous conventions. Without a doubt the most fun I had was the play time we got with Halo Masterchief Collection's. In similar fashion to Halo Anniversary's re-rendering of classic maps with both updated graphics and game play it was a fantastic experience going back to what many have argued was the best multiplayer in the entire Halo franchise after it had been given the same treatment. We also got our hands on Destiny and lots of gameplay footage from both The Order 1886 and Sunset Overdrive. The former a monster hunting game with loads of atmosphere, the latter a mix between Deadpool, Lolipop Chainsaw and Left 4 Dead.

I would of course be remiss if I failed to mention the MASSIVE Dr. Who cast appearance and Q and A. It has been mentioned. Sadly we were unable to attend but heard many positive stories from the event.

What cannot be understated is the general attitude of the event. We go to a fair amount of conventions and I can honestly say that FanExpo has some of the best atmosphere and general culture. While the organizers have come under fire time and again it doesn't change the fact that from celebrities to vendors to convention goers, FanExpo has some of the friendliest people around.

A great show this year with many fun times had with friends both old and new. Look below for links to our convention photo gallery along with the websites for several vendors and web comic artists who were present this year. Show em the love they showed us.