It's the next big chapter in the Final Fantasy franchise, it's the game that appears to be rebooting the action, the combat system, the feel and the dynamic of the game. Just look at the car our heroes have to drive round in, surrounded by mythology and magic.

Technology meets the old world and for the first time ever... CID will be a woman! GOOD GOLLY! Square Enix you're going to give us a heart attack.

To be honest I wasn't originally sold on the game as a whole but with this dubbed TGS trailer, I'm starting to see the light. Part of me wishes they'd remake Final Fantasy 7 to 10 for the new generation instead of releasing HD versions but for now... A new story is on the way with a new group of characters to fall in love with, plot twists galore and more than likely some truly frustrating fight mechanics that will challenge you to the core!

Previously released to celebrate the opening of the Tokyo Game Show 2014 in September, the new version of the trailer showcases the English voice actors in the game for the first time.

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