Just Cause 2 won the hearts of online gamers around the globe, the modding community had a field day but if there's one thing that Just Cause 2 did it was ensure that the single player game was just as insane and crazy as the online community that would take the game offline!

Prepare for true mayhem when Just Cause 3 arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on December 1!


The thing about being a Freedom Fighter is that your job is never done. Rico has seen it all and rather than just throw him into another scenario that doesn't expand on him as a person doing a job. We finally get to bring Rico home, a home that's torn by war and governed by the darkest of dictators who enthusiastically rules with an iron fist.

You thought Bond was cool? Think again.. Rico Rodriguez is the shit and he's going to liberate the world... or set it on fire, whichever comes first.


Rico's world is inhabited by a number of insane friends and guns for hire. This is not a game that takes itself seriously. We're not here to be the gritty terrorists to a corrupt regime, we're here to have fun and save a few people on the way.

Throughout the course of the game you'll be confronted by a whole host of characters but up first is Mario and yes, there's an "It'sa me... Mario" line in there. Mario and company will ask the strangest things of you and test out all sorts of upgrades for your arsenal that may or may not work... at first.


Without remorse... one of the main aims of the Just Cause franchise has always been to disrupt and DESTROY! If it breathes it can be shot, if it's man made? Well then pick up a rocket launcher, some C4 and watch the world burn! Yep, practically everything in this world can be torn down, blown up and set alight! If you're not blowing shit up... you're not doing it right!


Head to the sky with a plethora of vehicles but true freedom comes with the all-new wing suit which when watching the gameplay below makes it seem like How To Train Your Dragon was a big part of the developers recent viewing fun and who can blame them it's awesome.

Between vehicles, parachutes, grappling hooks and wing suits, there's no need for you to touch the ground and why would you want to when 'death from above' is so appealing!


Your kingdom awaits, Medici is a huge and unforgiving land that will hold many secrets! Remember the LOST island from Just Cause 2? There's  bound to be more such secrets hidden away in the huge expanse that is Just Cause 3. The world is your oyster and you should make it your mission to explore every nook and cranny and if you can't get to that nook... blow it up! It didn't deserve you anyway!