Warner Bros. has released the first images for their upcoming live action Tarzan film, The Legend of Tarzan. The film will see Margot Robbie as Jane and Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan. Harry Potter director David Yates will be helming the new film. 

The folks over at USA Today also had a breakdown of what we can expect from the film.

Legend takes a different approach to Tarzan than [Edgar Rice] Burroughs’ 1910s writings, the 1930s Johnny Weissmuller movies and other pop-culture adaptations that focused on the man being raised by simians and becoming lord of the jungle. Instead, the movie finds John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, a decade removed from his home in the Congo and fully entrenched as a British gentleman in 1880s Victorian London, with his beloved wife Jane (Margot Robbie) by his side.

He’s left his African home behind — his early days are seen in flashbacks — but is constantly reminded of his earlier exploits and gets invited back as an emissary of Parliament. While hesitant at first, Tarzan eventually returns to the Congo, old friends as well as Jane are put in serious danger, and his latest cliff-jumping, vine-swinging story kicks off from there.