Orson Welles once told Peter Bogdanovich that “All performances are better in black and white.” Whether this statement has any validity in truth is all a matter of opinion, of course; still, it speaks well to the experience I had while watching the first trailer for Alexander Payne’s upcoming black-and-white comedy-drama, Nebraska.

Starring Bruce Dern (this year’s Cannes Film Festival winner for Best Actor) as an elderly man who travels with his son (Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte) from Montana to Nebraska to collect what he believes is his winning million-dollar sweepstakes prize, this low-ley road trip movie appears to exhibit a strong visual aesthetic of striking beauty. For a two-minute trailer where not much happens plot-wise, I found myself rather captivated by the honest performances and the subtle effect through which light and shadow were used to compliment them.

Opening in select theatres on November 15th, Nebraska also stars June Squibb, Stacy Keach, and Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk.