It has been more than two years since the final episode of the Glee aired, and we cannot deny that we miss those kids from Ohio. But it likes that some of the Glee members are going to be reunited in the Central City. Is everything flying way over your head? Then, let me begin from the start. Do you know that the Flash star Grant Gustin and our Supergirl Melissa Benoist are Glee alumni? Yes! Both of them have played major roles in the musical television series, Glee. And from what it seems, Flash will be teaming up with Supergirl to fight against the super villain Musical Meister played by another Glee alumnus Darren Criss in an upcoming episode of the Flash. All these three Glee members will be reunited on the set of the Flash, and the episode will be nothing like what we see every week. There will be singing, dancing, and a lot of fun in the episode.

We have already seen Supergirl and Flash teaming up, and it seems like they will be doing it again for a second time in the season. The chemistry in between Melissa and Grant is undeniably the best, and they are so adept at portraying their characters that we sometimes forget to acknowledge that they are not the characters they play. Since the upcoming episode is going to be a Glee reunion, hence the episode will be a musical crossover between the Flash and Supergirl. We have already seen Grant to showcase his singing talent in the first season of the show with Caitlyn Snow in a bar. Now, we will see him and Melissa again to dawn their singing avatars to fight another Glee cast, Darren Criss.

In this upcoming episode of the Flash, Barry and Kara will be teaming up to fight the Music Meister. Music Meister is originally a super villain from Batman’s rogue gallery who uses his musical prowess to control the mind of the people and Criss will be portraying the character in the show. Although we are going all “Awwww” over this musical crossover being a Glee reunion, there will be some other singers too, who time after time have proven their musical prowess in the show or outside. Some of our most of the favorite characters like Joe West, Dr. Martinstein, Malcolm Merlyn and Cisco Ramone will also be joining Flash and Supergirl in this musical battle against Music Meister. Well, we cannot get any more excited; now it is time to wait and see how cool the episode turns out to be.