Fox's high-concept comedy Ghosted has been officially cancelled after one season. The supernatural sitcom sure sounded like a winner on paper, the ever funny Craig Robinson and Adam Scott star as mismatched paranormal investigators facing all manner of spooky foes. However, following a modest viewership for the pilot, ratings swiftly dropped, and Fox made a drastic decision to try and turn thing around.

Despite the lower than expected numbers, Fox ordered an additional six episodes, but there was a twist. Showrunner Kevin Etten was let go, and The Office producer Paul Lieberstein (he also played the hapless Toby) was brought in to replace him for the remaining episodes. The show went on an extended hiatus after it aired episode nine back in January and returned to Fox on June 10 with a double helping.

The behind the scenes tweaks did nothing to change the ratings in a positive direction with less than a third of the audience tuning back in for new episodes. Ghosted's cancellation makes a full sweep for live-action single-camera sitcoms on Fox. The soon to be Disney owned Fox is currently shifting away from original programming and into more sports coverage. Fox isn't out of the sitcom business with the revived Last Man Standing and two new multi-camera sitcoms set to debut this winter.

Full disclosure, I only caught a couple of episodes of Ghosted when ITV2 picked it up early this year. Robinson and Scott make for a formidable comedy duo, but the material they had to work with wasn't hugely inspired. Had Ghosted been on FX, HBO, or Netflix, then things could have turned out very differently. A paranormal workplace comedy is still a great concept, and one I'm sure we'll see again in some format before too long.

Fox will broadcast the remaining episodes over the coming weeks, at the time of writing there are no details on when ITV2 will air the final episodes in the UK.