The instant that news broke of a potential Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot was announced, fan opinion has been somewhat divided. Series creator Joss Whedon will be a creative force as an executive producer, with the new spin being developed and overseen by Monica Owusu-Breen (Midnight, Texas).

The prospect of a straight up reboot caused an intense backlash from the fan community as there is little point in redoing what has gone before. As I mentioned previously, a Buffy spin-off set in the established world with the blessing of  Whedon, I'm all in #SixSeasonsandamovie levels of in. However, it seems as though the outrage was premature as to quell the backlash,  Owusu-Breen Tweeted that the new show could be more of a continuation than a reboot that centers on a brand new Slayer.

Some outlets had reported that the show was on the fast-track, but according to Fox Television Group Chairman and CEO Gary Newman, that's not exactly the case.

“It’s not on an incredibly, fast track, but we’re hopeful. There’s actually no script to see. We’ve sat down with creators and had conversations with them about it. It’s a very exciting prospect. It’s fairly early. We haven’t pitched it to any possible licensees yet, all of that is still to come. We’re thrilled that Joss has engaged Monica who he worked with on one of his other series (Agents of SHIELD). She’s the person who is day to day on it. She has a great take on the show.”

So there you have it, no script, no firm details on what the proposed series will be about, and on the regular medium paced track. While that might not answer any of our burning questions, at least we know that Fox will be giving Monica Owusu-Breen and Joss Whedon the time they need to develop something worthy of passing the mantle.

The exploits of the Scoobies continued in comic book form and is currently in the middle of its twelfth and final season. Fans have already speculated that if the new series is going to be a continuation, seeds for the new Slayer could be sown in the last two issues that are set to hit shelves later this year.