Fox is lucky that it's in second place simply because ABC and NBC just haven't been doing too well lately, but the network is in need of a hit thanks to X Factor not being quite what they expected, and American Idol's ratings sinking lower and lower. Though the network found somewhat-successes in The Following and The Mindy Project this past year, they are in need of one or two more hits on the network's roster.

What's Staying:
American Dad
American Idol
Bob's Burgers
Family Guy
The Following
Kitchen Nightmares
The Mindy Project
New Girl
Raising Hope
The Simpsons
The X Factor

What's Cancelled:
Ben and Kate
The Cleveland Show
The Mob Doctor

Most of Fox's stable shows are staples such as The Simpsons and Bones, but the network could use a recent hit since it could be argued that the last big hit Fox had was Glee. And while the past couple years we've seen Fox lobby for shows with a female audience (New Girl, The Mindy Project), this year they seem to be focused more on the male viewers as well as the supernatural.

What's New:

Almost Human

From J.J. Abrams comes this cop drama set 35 years in the future when cops are partnered with robots that are human-like. One cop in particular is (shocker!) anti-robots and he gets paired with one who has unusual human responses. Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Lili Taylor.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

While I'm generally wary of cop dramas, I could see myself giving a cop single-cam comedy a shot. Especially when that show comes from Michael Schur and Dan Goor (Parks and Recreation). Andy Samberg plays an immature cop who doesn't take things seriously until he gets a new, strict boss that forces him to change his ways. Also Starring: Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero and Joe Lo Truglio.


When you think of Seth McFarlane you don't generally think of a live-action, single-cam comedy but that is exactly what Dads is so it's no real surprise this show got picked up by Fox. Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi play two lifetime friends in their 30s who suddenly find themselves living with their fathers. All signs point to this one being a sure thing for Fox, especially since it's original order of six episodes was upped to 13. It's also nice to see some buddy comedies come from Fox while other networks are largely focused on family ones. Also Starring: Martin Mull and Peter Riegert.


Another obvious show geared towards a male audience, Enlisted is a single-cam comedy set on a military base in Florida. It was written by Kevin Biegel (Cougar Town) too, so it's certainly got me interested. What'll be interesting about this one is that it's a family comedy that, so far, kind of seems like it has the setting of a buddy comedy. Starring: Keith David, Geoff Stults, Parker Young, Chris Lowell and Angelique Cabral.

Gang Related

This new action drama follows a couple members of LA's Gang Task Force as they set to take down three different gangs. One of the gangs has ties to one of the task force guys, which is sure to cause some drama. Fox is waiting to air this one midseason with hopes to pair it with 24: Live Another Day. Starring: Terry O'Quinn, Ramon Rodriguez, Jay Hernandez, Sung Kang and Inbar Lavi.


Fox is looking to recreate the success that Kevin Bacon brought to The Following by giving us Greg Kinnear as a defense attorney who is brilliant yet self-destructive. You know, kind of like House because Fox is still looking to fill the hole that Hugh Laurie left. Also Starring: Miranda Otto, Necar Zadegan, Bojana Novakovic, John Ortiz, David Garbour and Tara Summers.

Sleepy Hollow

Mondays are going to look very super natural on Fox as this one will replace The Following in the Falls lineup and be paired with Almost Human. The screenwriters behind Transformers and Star Trek bring the legend of Westchester Country and Ichobod to life in this supernatural thriller. Starring: Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison.

Surviving Jack

Another show based off Justin Halpern (you remember $#*! My Dad Says, yes?). This time it's a single-cam comedy from Bill Lawrence, so it seems more promising. However, it is being left off Fox's fall schedule and behind held until midseason. Chris Meloni stars in this story about a boy becoming a man and a man becoming a father. Also Starring: Alex Kapp Horner, Connor Buckly, Claudia Lee, Kevin Hernandez and Tyler Foden.

Us & Them

Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel star in this adaption of the popular BBC 3 series, Gavin and Stacey, about a young couple who tries to make their long distance relationship work. It isn't on Fox's schedule yet, but this series seems promising. Too bad the network is trying so hard to get male viewers to tune in. Also Starring: Kurt Fuller and Jane Kaczmarek.

Fox is also introducing a Saturday night Animation Domination block with some new animated shows which I'm really looking forward to and with news that 24 is coming back as a 12-episode series, the next year could be really interesting for Fox.