Gabriel Luna is set to reprise his role as Robbie Reyes aka Ghost Rider in a spin-off series being developed for Hulu. Luna made his first appearance as Ghost Rider early on in the fourth run of Agents of SHIELD, and he went on to recur for a multi-episode story arc throughout that season. The fan response to the new take on a different iteration of Ghost Rider was overwhelmingly positive, and a spin-off was previously mentioned as an option, but that's not quite what's happening here.

In a slightly odd turn of events, reports claim that the Hulu series "will be a completely new iteration of the character in no way connected to the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” storyline", aside from casting the same actor. Matt Ryan faced a slightly similar challenge when his Constantine was resurrected after cancellation to guest star on Arrow. The character was somewhat toned down but remained the same, fans were impressed, and Ryan is now a firm fixture on Legends of Tomorrow. Ghost Rider is a slightly different proposition as the character's time on SHIELD won't be taken into account. That's likely a good idea as the Ghost Rider series can start from scratch without any baggage from SHIELD.

As Ghost Rider is a more grown-up character, the series won't be landing on Disney's much-hyped streaming service (Disney+); instead, the series will be distributed on the Disney part owned Hulu. Ingrid Escajeda will serve as showrunner with production due to start later this year for an as yet undisclosed launch. Ghost Rider is one of a selection of new animated Marvel-based projects Disney is putting together for Hulu to join the recently renewed The Runaways. M.O.D.O.K, Hit-Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler, and Howard The Duck (which is being co-developed by Kevin Smith) are all on their way.

SHIELD returns to ABC for the start of its shortened sixth season, some fans took that to mean the end was near for the long-running series, the network picked it up for the seventh season midway through production. While this move was mainly a contractual one as the casts deals were set to expire, a final two seasons of 13 episodes apiece will give SHIELD the chance to go out with one last epic adventure.

You can catch Gabriel Luna on the big screen later this year alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in Terminator: Dark Fate.