Dear Abby,

I am a 40 year old man and for some reason this unicorn keeps following me around. How do I get it to stop?

King Richard

It’s only been 3 months since the season finale of Galavant and the news has spread that the lead of the show, Joshua Saase, has snagged a role in CW’s No Tomorrow. There is no official word on what will happen to Galavant, but I imagine it does not bode well.

As a fan of the series this is disappointing for many reasons. The biggest reason being: Galavant filled the role of “Comedy Fantasy Musical”. This is a rare genre and is even rarer within the television realm.

It’s a self aware show and often pokes fun of itself. For example: the opening song in season 2 was about not being cancelled and in one of the recaps they asked “will we ever explain these plot holes?” (They don’t explain them, in case you were curious.)

There were also a large array of guest stars that made an appearance including Nick Frost, Weird Al, Kylie Minogue, Simon Callow, and Rutger Hauer.

 Not to mention Community’s Magnitude pop pop’s his way into your heart as Galavant’s squire. Plus – as was kindly pointed out in the show – the show has a diverse cast. Again, this is something rare not only in television but especially so in most fantasy realms.

Though there are shows have continued after the lead had left, those leads were not also the title of the series. There was the odd exception of “Cuckoo”, the Netflix Original series that had starred Andy Sandberg. Season 2 continued without Sandberg despite the series being named after his character. However, you can get away with a lot more on Netflix.

The show ended Galavant’s story in satisfactory way while leaving hanging threads for the other characters. This means, based strictly on the story, the show could easily go on without him. The only issue that would arise would be the title. This is something, I am sure, that can be worked around.