This past Monday, April 2nd, the premiere YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry, was launched. The channel content is produced by Felicia Day, Kim Evey, and Sheri Bryant, and represent a plethora of different features of "nerd culture." We got to sit down with Kim Evey and ask her a few questions about the show and her experience working with the exceptional cast and crew.

Kevin Wang: Tell us about the web series. What are your overall impressions about how it will be received? What sort of new direction are you taking? How long has this project been an idea for?


Kim Evey: We’ve been thinking about it for about ten months now, and that’s just from ‘do we want to do this?’ to actually launching the channel. It’s a pretty short time I guess.


KW: And this is just an amalgamation of stuff you’ve done before.


KE: Yeah there’s four new shows. Felicia’s show, “Tabletop,” “Written by a Kid” which is the one I was on set with Cory(SMPfilms),and there’s another one called “Learning Town” which will be shot in the fall, so those are all new. We’re also bringing “The Guild” back, and we’ve re-annotated the first four seasons. We’re re-launching the fifth season. “Sword and Laser” and “Dark Horse” are both things that we’ve licensed, and we’re bringing them both to video from their original formats. 




When asked about the surprises that we could look forward to, Kim replied with a, "Well if I told you, they wouldn't be a surprise!" followed by the fact that there are going to be some huge names from pop culture and YouTube coming in for the various shows. 


The channel is going to include re-launches of the entirety of "The Guild," as well as the launch of some all-new series, namely "The FLOG" which is a kind of vlog-esque show hosted by Felicia, "Written By a Kid," which hopefully speaks for itself, "TableTop" which is a tabletop gaming show hosted by Wil Wheaton, "Learning Town," hosted by Paul and Storm, and which will be launched in the fall, and the licensing of "Sword and Laser," the channel book club, and "Dark Horse Comics," a motion comics based off the print material. Just looking at some of the reviews/comments on the videos, Geek and Sundry is definitely something that the nerd community has been looking forward to, and I highly recommend you check it out. 


You can check out Geek and Sundry here. You can check out the full interview with Kim Evey, including some on set stories and advice for people looking to get into the industry, here.