Syfy Channel and Universal have partnered on a featured film venture to be called Syfy Films, it looks like the ventures first big move is to pick up the rights to the long-running superhero anthology Wild Cards. The anthology comes to us from A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. The anthology is a heavy undertaking as the book has many characters who history spans a quarter-century.


THR is reporting that this is Syfy Films first buy, and they have secured the rights to the entire series of books and stories. Wild Cards began in 1987, it features stories that take place in an alternative earth:

where an alien virus has been unleashed over New York City. Those who survived were turned into either a class of beings named Jokers, mostly deformed creatures, (or more rarely) Aces, who have special powers.

Martin had this to say to THR:

We had a love of comics books and superheroes that we grew up on, but we approached the material differently. We wanted to do it in a grittier, more adult manner than what we were seeing in the ’80s. It’s something that many other people have been doing in the decades ever since. One of the things we have going is the sense of history… The comics in the mainstream are doing retcons [retroactive continuity] all the time. [Heroes] get married, then one day, the publisher changes his mind, and then they’re no longer married. To my mind, it’s very frustrating. [Our stories] are in real time. It’s a world that is changing in parallel to our own.

Syfy Films says: 

This is, beyond Marvel and DC, really the only universe where you have fully realized, fully integrated characters that have been built and developed over the course of 25 years… The trick for us is to find what’s the best movie.

Let us know what you think of all this news.