Gerard Butler will be back as secret service agent Mike Banning in the inexplicably still going Has Fallen franchise with a fourth instalment titled Night Has Fallen. Ric Roman Waugh, who helmed the previous entry, Angel Has Fallen, will be back to direct the new movie that will presumably see Banning as the only person who can do the thing that needs doing.

Back in 2013, like many other years, two very similarly themed movies were released within earshot of each other. First up was the modest budgeted Olympus Has Fallen, an entertaining and shockingly violent action film in the mould of those classic 80s/90s offerings like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Butler starred as the secret service agent who becomes the only person who can foil a terrorist attack on the White House. Three months later, Roland Emmerich's mega-budget White House Down hit cinemas, and even the combined appeal of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum (in a vest) couldn't save it from flopping at the box office. Olympus Has Fallen was by no means an action masterpiece, and contained way more Gerard Butler stabbing bad guys in the head than expected, but it was fun.

Sadly, the same couldn't be said for both the sequels with the most recent finding Banning framed for an attack on the President; it went full Taken 3 for extending a franchise beyond its natural stopping point. Regardless of personal taste, Angel Has Fallen notched up more than $150 million worldwide against a $45 million budget, add a robust Home Entertainment run, and the Has Fallen franchise is at the very least profitable. Night Has Fallen will presumably pick up shortly after the events of the previous sequel, Banning has cleared his name and is determined to help President Turnball whittle out the spies in his administration. Angel Has Fallen co-writer Robert Mark Kamen will pen the script alongside Ric Roman Waugh; production is set to start early next year for a reported 2022 release.