A fully fledged superhero is finally joining the cast of Marvel’s Agents’s of SHIELD, the fourth season of the small screen spin-off will reintroduce Ghost Rider into the MCU. The announcement was made at the SHIELD Comic-Con panel, but this won't be the motorcycle loving Johnny Blaze that Nicolas Cage played in the two Ghost Rider movies. Instead of Johnny Blaze, SHIELD’s version will be the Robbie Reyes incarnation of the character with actor Gabriel Luna (True Detective) driving the 1969 Dodge Charger named Hell-Charger. 

I’ve always thought that it was a shame that the first Ghost Rider movie came about before Marvel cracked the code of how to make great superhero movies. Thanks to the poor performance of the belated 2012 sequel (Spirit of Vengeance), the rights to Ghost Rider reverted to Marvel Studios in 2013, and I had hoped we might see the character crop up on one of Netflix’s excellent Marvel shows. In the same way, that the Daredevil movie missed the mark completely, Ghost Rider’s first jaunt failed to explore the character’s full potential. 

After a slight wobbly first season, SHIELD has found its footing and even though it’s not quite the Marvel spin-off we had hoped for, there is still a lot of fun to have with Phil Coulson and the gang. Be that as it (Melinda) may, SHIELD doesn’t feel like the right platform for Ghost Rider to be inducted into the MCU as it will be a drastically toned down interpretation of the character. Netflix can get away with showing off a darker side of the Marvel universe, but you can’t have Ghost Rider unleash his full wrath on network television. 

Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD returns to ABC in September, and will launch later in the year in the UK on E4.