With the DeathNote film around the corner, there seems to be a trend of life action films hitting our screens. Anime fans seem to have no complaints when it comes to seeing people take on the roles of some of their favourite animated characters. The next live action film will be Gintama. The film will open in 2017 in Japan and will follow shortly in other countries. The film, which is based off a super popular manga and later anime. The Gintama manga has sold over 50 million copies in Japan alone and is super popular with anime fans in America and the UK. 

For those of you, that don't know what the amusing Gintama is all about. Here is a little synopsis.Aliens have taken over the earth and as a result swords and disallowed and the samurai are no longer held in high regard. The anime follows Gintoki and his band of misfits as they take on any job that comes their way. They get into all sorts of trouble, and we get to follow them every step of the way.

The live action film is headed up by Yuichi Fukuda who has done his fair share of life action films and fans are excited about some of the actors and actresses that have taken on the roles of the characters. Below are just three of the characters and their actors courtesy of The Anime News Network.

Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata, the protagonist who runs the Yorozuya shop

Masaki Suda as Shinpachi Shimura, who works at Yorozuy

Masami Nagasawa as Tae Shimura, a physically strong girl and sister of Shinpachi

So, there you have it a new life action to wait for . Go catch up on some episodes of the excellent anime before the film gets out.