The current run of Ryan Murphy’s Glee will be a little bit shorter than planned, as per each previous season 22 episodes were ordered but The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that Fox have now reduced this to 20.

This has been a very difficult year for Glee, the sudden death of star Cory Monteith sent shockwaves through the fanbase especially the cast and crew of the hit series. After the tribute episode to his character production halted for a month to give some measure of time for those who knew him to grieve. Since its come back after it hiatus Fox shifted the show from its usual time slot and ratings have taken a steep decline.

These cut episodes could be tagged onto the sixth and final season giving two extra instalments to bid these characters farewell. Glee recently celebrated its 100th episode which saw a host of former cast member return including guest spots for Kristin Chenoweth and Gwyenth Paltrow. Events have now relocated to New York with a few of the new graduates joining Rachael and Kurt, the latest episode dipped below 3 million and for a series that once commanded over 10 million Glee is showing the signs of its age.

To be fair it isn’t just scheduling that has caused this as fans didn’t respond to warmly to the crop of new characters introduced in season 4. Most of these won’t be appearing regularly (if at all) as season 6 is expected to continue the New York adventure.