Why everything's as if we never said goodbye... and for Glenn Close it looks like those words may never be as true as they are when she returns to the role of Norma Desmond after a 20 year hiatus!

This came as a bit of left field for us, having been dragged up on the musicals of London's West End we were lucky enough to see Patti LuPone, Betty Buckley, Petula Clark, Rita Moreno and Elaine Paige bring this unbeatable musical drama to life. Glenn Close played the role on Broadway alone and it wasn't without controversy as Patti was supposedly promised the Broadway debut...

But who cares about our love for this one? What are the details?

Glenn Close will star as Norma Desmond in a semi-staged production of Sunset Boulevard at London's Coliseum theatre.

The show will appear as part of a partnership between GradeLinnit Company and the English National Opera who had previous success with a similar staged production of Sweeney Todd starring Emma Thompson (It was insanely brilliant!)

Sunset Boulevard with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton will run from April 1 next year for 43 performances with the final show being May 7.

The full English National Opera will perform on stage alongside the cast and the show will be directed by Lonny Price.

"You there, why are you so late?"

It's a musical we've longed to see return to the West End stage and while the elaborate sets and hydrolics of the 90's won't make an appearance in this production we're sure the talent and costumes will once again bring this aging broad back to life once again.