Following the disappointing response to the recent King of the Monsters, the main event in Warner Bros' MonsterVerse might be delayed. Speaking at a conference for the Producers Guild of America, Warner Bros' Toby Emmerich hinted that Godzilla vs Kong might be released later than planned,

“[Godzilla vs Kong] It might come out later in the year, so we can deliver an A+ movie." Emmerich also promised that the new film “will deliver for fans in the way they were looking for."

While Emmerich's comments are far from confirmation that Godzilla vs Kong will be delayed, the negative critical response and the lacklustre box office suggests it's a strong possibility. After two weeks in cinemas, King of the Monsters has generated $294 million worldwide against a $170 million production budget. Using the rough multiplier of needing to gross three times its budget back to see a profit, Godzilla 2 is a long way from that marker. As it currently stands, Godzilla vs Kong is less than ten months away, and that might not be enough time for audiences to be willing to give the franchise another try.  

Directed by Adam Wingard (The Guest), Godzilla vs Kong wrapped principal photography back in April and is now in the early stages of post-production. Naturally, a movie on this scale will have additional filming worked into the schedule once they've got a cut of the film and see what might need changing. At this stage, it is too early to determine how extensive the potential reshoots will be, and how that will impact the March 13, 2020 release date.

Starting work on the next instalment of a franchise before the current one has been released works for Marvel, and in some cases, DC titles, but it's not an exact science that works for everything. Did Warner Bros learn nothing from Justice League? Adam Wingard is a tremendously talented filmmaker with the likes of You're Next, The Guest, and a new take on Blair Witch that was shot in secret. I can't claim to be a fan of his take on Death Note, but he's a skilled filmmaker, and I'm keen to see what he can do with a studio blockbuster. If a bit more time is needed to make Godzilla vs Kong as good as it can be, then I'm all for the potential delay.

Godzilla King of the Monsters is out now in cinemas.