As we all know by now, Anne Hathaway is an Academy Award winner. For her role in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables, Hathaway lost 25 pounds, cut her hair, and stunned the moviegoing public at large with her organic, tear-filled rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream”. Well if that’s what it takes to win an Oscar, then surely YouTube user Ijameswalters deserves an honorary one. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we would like to take the opportunity to share with you a video uploaded a week ago, entitled “Gollum sings I Dreamed A Dream”. In it, you will bear witness to sheer awesomeness, as its young talent delivers exactly what the title suggests, and then some.

While one can only assume there was no weight loss or haircut involved in the making of this video, Ijameswalters, like Hathaway, sings the powerhouse tune in one uninterrupted shot, replete with heartfelt ‘tears’ and ‘genuine’ raw emotion. What’s more, he sings in it the voice of Gollum, and even inserts his own appropriately themed lyrics. Whether you have seen it or not, this is four minutes of your time well worth spending.