Gotham debuted in the US last night to solid ratings and a mostly positive response from critics. Receiving an estimated 8 million viewers on Monday night it’s a good start for the series and one that Fox will want to build on.

Taking place long before Bruce Wayne donned the cowl to become Batman, Gotham is centred on a young James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the rise of the criminal underworld that would one day consume the city. Many of the characters from the Batman universe feature in the series, one of which is the recently orphaned Bruce Wayne. Speaking to Digital Spy, Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller has divulged that the inclusion of a young master Wayne as a regular wasn’t part of the original plan. 

“David Mazouz is the best young actor I've ever worked with. He has a profound understanding of human emotion, as well as a focus, concentration and energy that allows you to play adult themes with a kid. David can play very complex, difficult, dysfunctional and sometimes scary material. He's fantastic.

The core of the show is Gordon, but Bruce Wayne will certainly play a much larger part in the show than we had initially thought, just because we have that opportunity. It's great."

Bruno Heller has been vocal that he has no ambitions to see Batman on Gotham, previously he has teased that Bruce Wayne suiting up as the Dark Knight would make a perfect ending to the series when that day comes. We might not be seeing the Caped Crusader anytime soon on the small screen, but Heller is open to exploring the events that forged a hero out of a frightened young boy.

"Things change; that's the beauty of TV – but that's the natural arc of the show, and that's where I would like to see it end because essentially that's the story. We start with a child, but how did he end up as Batman?”

Gotham continues Monday on Fox and arrives in the UK on Channel 5 in October.