Just on the off chance, you didn't know, Game of Thrones returns to our screens next month for its highly anticipated final season. Naturally, many fans are equally excited and sad that the critically lauded series is coming to an end. To soften the blow, HBO will be showing a feature-length documentary a week after the last ever episode is broadcasted. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch will give fans an intimate look into the production of the epic series conclusion. Directed by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Seahorse), the documentary will land on HBO May 26.

Here's the recently released official synopsis.

"Made with unprecedented access, GAME OF THRONES: THE LAST WATCH is an up-close and personal report from the trenches of production, following the crew and the cast as they contend with extreme weather, punishing deadlines and an ever-excited fandom hungry for spoilers. Much more than a “making of” documentary, this is a funny, heartbreaking story, told with wit and intimacy, about the bittersweet pleasures of what it means to create a world — and then have to say goodbye to it."

The final season will contain the longest battle sequence in the show's history with the grueling set piece taking eleven weeks of night shoots. The breathtaking confrontation between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton's warring armies in Battle of the Bastards was filmed over twenty-five days. Needless to say, expectations and fears for our favorite characters survival are high.

HBO has gone all out on celebrating the end of Game of Thrones, during the season 8 production, just about every cast member past and present got together for a reunion that will be available on the season 8 Blu-ray. Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14 on HBO, UK fans can catch it on Sky Atlantic (or Now TV).