The reboot of 80s cult classic Highlander is finally happening, and director Chad Stahelski wants Henry Cavill to lead the new movie. The original Highlander starred Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, one of many immortals who battle down through the ages until only one remains to claim the ultimate prize. Despite that premise, there were five Highlander movies, six seasons of a live-action TV series, and numerous animated incarnations. 

Stahelski has previously referred to his take on Highlander as "John Wick with swords," and given Cavill's wealth of sword-fighting experience on The Witcher, we could be in for some full-on sword-fu action. A new version of Highlander has been knocking around Hollywood for more than a decade, with John Wick director Stahelski signing onto the project back in 2017. 

I have a lot of love for the Highlander franchise, but I'll be the first to admit it's a hot mess from a consistency and quality point of view. We can all agree that the first film is a stone-cold cult classic with a fantastic soundtrack from Queen. However, the first sequel altered the mythology drastically when it reveals that the source of their power was that all the immortals were aliens from a distant planet called Zeist. No, seriously, that's what they went with despite no previous indication in the original movie. 

The sequel was so disliked that a new cut made its way to Home Entertainment that removed all mention of Zeist. Sadly, it didn't improve the overall reception to the sequel. Cut to 1994, and Highlander 3 ignores the previous film's events and serves as a direct follow-up to the original. Two more sequels followed, with Endgame bringing Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul (the star of the TV spin-off) together, and The Source arriving straight to DVD in 2007 with Paul reprising his role as Duncan MacLeod for the final time. Highlander is long overdue for a reboot, and Stahelski's take sounds like it could be a whole heap of fun. 

Henry Cavill is currently finishing up production on The Witcher season two, and shortly after that, he'll reunite with Millie Bobby Brown in a sequel to Netflix's hit Enola Holmes. As Stahelski has John Wick 4 mere weeks away from starting filming, don't expect to see Cavill in a Kilt anytime soon.