For those of you who actually like Michael Bay's directing, or for those of you who realize that it is what it is and shouldn't be taken too seriously, here's a movie poster.

So for those of you wondering, or have been living under a rock the past 10 years, this is a poster with Optimus Prime on it. Granted it looks a little different, but that's because it's a redesigned Optimus Prime that is supposed to appear in Transformers 4 in theatres in June of 2014. 

The poster itself is a first look, and is, potentially deliberately, a leak, as there is no official word on this movie at all yet, but the fact of the matter is, it looks like Michael Bay may be going back to destroy the series one more time. 

We can't say whether this is actually real or not, but Cine1 had a reputation of leaking posters that were actually slated to happen, the least of which being Wreck It Ralph! which comes out in August. Working on the assumption that this is real, I asked a few people at the office what they thought about this. Sam, one of our writers and a host on Buz Banter said that it "looks like Bay is going to violate the series one more time before he kills it." The following rant, however, comes to us from our very own Das Hat:

Considering the lack of villains left alive at the end of the third film one of two things will happen in this one. We will see Unicron at last, or, more likely, the idiots in the government will have attempted to make their own Transformers who run rogue and must be stopped. Either way it matters little. GOMER! Get my harpoon gun, three kit kat bars, and as many raccoons as you can seduce into a suitcase. We hunt.

The reaction from many others though was to just silently turn around and walk away, but whether this negativity is warranted is unclear. Again, the movie has been slated for June of 2014, so until then, we'll just have to hold on to our seats.