Earlier this year, NBC announced their plans to bring back Heroes for a new limited run series much to the surprise of just about everybody. Titled Heroes Reborn, the new series has sparked an inferno of speculation as to which former cast member might be returning to the roles that made them household names.

So far, the only cast member confirmed so far is Jack Coleman who played the shady Noah Bennet (aka the man in the horn-rimmed glasses) throughout all four seasons of the original series. Given his job of working with (and rounding up) people with abilities it makes sense that his character is back in the mix. Sadly, it appears as though Coleman will be the only original cast member to regularly appear in Heroes Reborn. Recently, Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia and Ali Larter ruled themselves out of appearing and it seems showrunner Tim Kring is keen to focus on a new cast. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kring revealed some of his plans and explained how the pitch for the new series transpired. 

“The vast, vast majority are brand new characters, brand new ideas. [Bringing back previous characters is] really only to give a sense of continuity and a tether to the original world. If it was all completely brand new, we’d miss certain elements that need to be there to give you that bridge to cross to something new. I approached Coleman because he was a character who had a spine through the series that allowed you to meet new characters. So he’s a character I wanted to make sure had a little part at the beginning of this thing.

To be honest, it wasn’t a pitch from me, it was a pitch from NBC to me. They saw the value in that franchise and brand and asked if I was interested in helming it again. And we had left the story in a place where we had more story to tell. So given the opportunity, I had ideas of where I wanted the story to go originally when we were hoping for a fifth season and so when we were given the opportunity five years later, some of those same thoughts were there as to where this story goes. But five years had passed and I also had new ideas on how to reboot the brand in a way that gives people a whole fresh take on the series with a whole host of new characters but gives you that sense of you’re in that world of Heroes you’re familiar with.”

Although latter seasons were a bit messy, the first run of Heroes was some of the best television ever produced by NBC, telling an almost perfect self contained 23 episode story-arc some fans could argue that the show should have ended there. The writer’s strike in 2007 halved the second season and caused for a drastic change of plans from the creative team, somehow the show didn’t recover from this but clawed some credibility back by delivering a highly enjoyable fourth season.

Heroes Reborn will consist of 13 episodes when it launches on NBC in 2015.