One of the biggest titles this year from Square Enix and boy is it looking good. I had a chance to see what Hitman: Absolution had to offer at Eurogamer and not only does the game look visually stunning it also has a some very enteraining and imaginative ways in which to complete Agent 47's tasks.

I myself am so glad the second video below was released as I'm a HUGE wuss when it comes to sneaking around, I normally get heart palpatations and end up sitting in one spot for hours on end. Now Agent 47 is giving gamers the option to go all out, take the bull by the horns and ride it until everything around you is either dead or maimed.

I'll try sneaking but at least the option is there. 

CONTRACTS is a new online mode which allows gamers to create and share their own custom hit challenges within the HITMAN: ABSOLUTION game. Players will choose a level, targets, weapons and then set their own rules for completing the contract based on time, style and witnesses. There are no clumsy editors or complicated mechanics to learn; in CONTRACTS you simply play to create. As an asynchronous mode, CONTRACTS allows fans to compete against friends at any time, regardless of whether they are online. HITMAN: ABSOLUTION will also ship with many pre-set CONTRACTS, each designed by the very best assassins at IO Interactive. HITMAN: ABSOLUTION is scheduled for global release on November 20, 2012 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.