Agent 47 has always been a fan favourite. There's nothing liking having a goal and being able to take multiple paths to achieve that goal... even if it is to put a bullet in a targets skull.

Fox are doing something interesting with it's assets for Hitman: Agent 47 because it seems like they're not sure who they should be targeting. Gaming audiences or movie goers? The latest poster seems to have gaming audiences at its core which really could alienate the general movie going populace but then there's the trailer which firmly builds the story for the genral audience.

It's a strange approach BUT we love Rupert Friend from his time in HOMELAND, he's hot, he's got a background in action and can totally pull off the stoic killer that is Agent 47. We'll be heading to the cinema on August 27 to see Rupert kick some ass and take names in HITMAN: AGENT 47 from 20th Century Fox.