The latest installment in the Hitman video game series, simply titled as ‘Hitman’, is being released in episodic format, meaning it was not released as a full game and instead receives updates in set intervals.

But before anything else, is there a way to send a medal to whoever thought of the game’s very, very original and highly creative title? No? Too bad.

Anyway, there have three episodes released so far, but come August 16, that number will grow to four – the Summer Bonus Episode released last July doesn’t count. Previous episodes took place in France, Italy, and Morocco. Now, Agent 47 is set to take his killer talents (no pun intended) and suave suit to the busy streets of Bangkok. Well, not exactly in the streets, but in an expensive-looking hotel. Check out the trailer below:

In the episode, Agent 47 is tasked with taking out a rock star and his family’s lawyer. Yes, a rock star. Of course, players will still have to wait until August 16 before they can uncover the reason why an expert killing machine was sent to snuff the life out of a band frontman. Maybe somebody got cheated on a concert ticket or something. Like with previous episodes, the next installment will come with new opportunities, disguises, and challenges. All episodes will be released this year and a new pack that contains all episodes will presumably arrive sometime in 2017, probably during the first quarter. So if you’ve been meaning to reacquaint yourself with Agent 47 but prefer to play all episodes in one go, you’ll have to be patient a bit longer.

Hitman is currently available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game was developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It revolves around the titular character being sent to take out specific targets, which can be carried out in different ways, depending on the player’s preferences.