Comic enthusiastic around the world know the feeling of finding a comic series or book that is a little off the narrow path. Holy Sh*t: The World’s Weirdest Comic Books is a compendium of bizarre, weird and downright strange comics from around the world. Published by St Martin Press in 2008 this book is doing a rerun due to its presence at comic book fairs and conventions. Sold on Amazon for $9 the book contains 60 weird comics from different countries

The Front Cover

Holy Sh*t: The Word’s Weirdest Comic Books was compiled by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury, two comic book collectors who wanted to make something a little bizarre. In the book, you will find comics with titles like ‘Amputee Love’ and ‘ Super Shamou’ which follows the an Inuit who is out to fight against glue sniffing. What makes this comic book so important is that it introduced foreign comics to an audience that may not get to read them.The editors of the book have scoured the globe to find  comics which may be offensive to the average comic book reader, the average reader actually

After having paged through the book a comic entitled ‘Fatman: The Human Flying Saucer’ caught my eye. The comic follows the story of an overweight man who fights crime as a giant alien- like flying saucer. The comic written by Otto Binder and drawn by C.C.Beck ( best known for his work on  Captain Marvel)  is considered a rarity in the USA as it only had three editions. What Holy Sh*it: The World’s Weirdest Comics does so well brings together comics which were obscure and in many ways under appreciated.

In this age with comic book superheroes popping up on our screen, the real collectors of the strange and wonderful are becoming more frequent. Comic book collecting is simple and with the internet the ability to find comics is similar than ever. Holy Sh*t: The World’s Weirdest Comic Books allows the reader a chance to read into comics that will never be big office hits and can be hidden away from your mum.