Sex is on everyone's tongue with Magic Mike XXL headed in to cinemas this coming July. Get ready for hot bodies, dry humping and a cast of men so fit you'll be bringing baby oil to the cinema to smear over the screen. Yes Magic Mike XXL is almost here and it's going to be HOT!

Let's not forget that to see more great films like Magic Mike you need to pay for the privilage after all, making films is not a free industry, it costs major bucks and the money gets spent long after that cutting great trailers, creating content, advertsing (not just the ads but the jobs behind them), PR (The interviews with your favourite stars need someone to place them and push for reviews and awesome features in publications) what we're saying is, the industry isn't just the film itself it's all the jobs, the men, women and stunt panda's that make up this crazy world called showbiz. Downloading a film for free results in job losses and budget cuts making it harder for businesses to stay afloat. Remember that when you're thinking about downloading content illegally, it has an effect and we're all responsible for making our friends and family aware of that :).