Late last month news broke that CBS were looking to develop a HIMYM spin-off that will focus on a fresh group of New Yorkers, the series took a big step towards being a reality as CBS have officially ordered a pilot episode.

Currently known as How I Met Your Dad (previous reports had the title How I Met Your Father) very little is known about the pilot aside from it has been labeled “a kindred spirit” of HIMYM and will follow a female protagonist in her search for romance.

News of the spin-off has more or less divided fans of the hit sitcom, some fans are very enthusiastic for the new series although many have voiced their distain and see the spin-off as unnecessary. HIMYM creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays will be producing and writing the new show alongside Up All Night creator Emily Spivey.

As we all know getting a pilot doesn’t automatically guarantee a full series so will have to wait and see how the pilot is received when it airs late 2014. How I Met Your Dad will be set within the same world as HIMYM so presumably some form of crossovers will occur should a series pick up be given. Naturally CBS are nervous about losing a flagship sitcom and without sounding harsh there is little else on the network that has performed as consistently well with the desired demographic. 

A spin-off might seem like a safe bet for the network but if history has taught us one thing about spin-offs it’s that they are notoriously difficult to get right. For every Angel or Boston Legal there’s a Joanie Loves Chachi or a Joey, just because the show it’s based on was a hit doesn’t mean the spin-off will be. I remain cautious over How I Met Your Dad but Thomas and Bays are talented writers and the inclusion of Spivey is a smart move, Up All Night was horribly underrated even if it was formulaic.