Some call it a man cave. Others refer to it as an entertainment room. Whatever you call it, many people dream of building the perfect game room so they can best show off and enjoy their games.

Building the perfect game room is filled with hundreds of hard decisions. Here are some things to consider when designing and making decisions about your game room.

The Purpose of the Game Room

Before you make any other decisions, you need to decide what your game room is meant for. What you want to do in the game room will influence nearly every other decision, including which room in your house you transform into your game room.

Let's say you want to entertain guests on a regular basis. It's likely you'll want a larger room with multiple couches and a large enough screen for multiple people to see what's happening from any part of the room.

On the other hand, if the game room is more of a personal luxury, a smaller room will be just fine, with just a few chairs that let you get closer to a smaller screen.

It's important to know exactly what you want out of your game room; that way you won't waste money and space on things you don't even use.

Picking the Right Screen

Having the right screen for your video games is essential to the perfect game room. To pick the right one, you have to analyze the lighting in your room, how much space you have to work with, and what you are going to do with the screen.

A very common desire for a game room is to hook up a projector for your gaming, but it only works in specific situations. First off, for a projector to really pop, the room has to be dark. That means if you ever want to play during the day, you'll need blackout curtains to block sunlight. A projector also needs to be placed a good distance away from a blank wall/screen, and if you want to mount it to the ceiling, you'll need to figure out how to get cords to it.

Maybe a projector isn't for you, especially if your game room has tons of natural light and you don't want the hassle of setting up a projector. Picking the right TV isn't just buying the biggest and fanciest one in the store.

Look at the kinds and quality of games you are going to play in the game room and base your TV selection around that. If your console or PC can only handle graphics up to 1080p, there isn't a need to buy a 4K TV. Buy a TV that is the right size for your room. You won't want to pick one that hurts your eyes by being too bigor so small that it makes it hard to see it.

The Right Lighting

Having the right lighting can really give your game room the perfect mood. Having a bunch of natural light can make a room feel warm and bright, but can make it hard to see darker games or use a projector.

If your game room is in a basement, having good lighting is essential. Since there is a lack of natural light, having a variety of lighting options can make sure people are comfortable, no matter the situation. Consider having a setup that can give multiple levels of light, from a dim environment to tons of light.

A very popular recent trend is utilizing antique lighting, both to add to the theme of the room, and because of their stylish look. The bulbs look cool with intricate filaments, and the soft warm glow they give off can make your room really pop, especially if you are going for a vintage or steampunk style.

Don't be afraid to skip the "gamer lighting," you know, the LED lighting that nearly everything marketed to gamers uses. Instead, do something that is unique and classy, and not within the gamer stereotype, unless you really dig the look.

Displaying Your Games and Collectibles

Being able to show off all of the cool games and collectibles you've gathered throughout the years can be a key element to your game room. Especially if you have a ton of collector's editions and cool stuff to show off, having a sweet display can be a huge hit when people come over.

A good way to highlight your stuff is simply picking an area and dedicating it to a display, whether you choose to use shelving or another method. That way, you can give yourself plenty of space to organize how you want and leave yourself plenty of room to grow.

Decorating Your Space

Having a sweet theme and decorating your game room can make it extremely fun to hang out. Have a love of the 1980'sPaint the walls in some radical colors, hang up a bunch of 80s movie posters, and set up a sweet old school gaming area. Want to make it look like a pro wrestling arena Get some rope to make a ring, make some cut outs of popular wrestlers, and have a mic descend from the ceiling.

When you decide a theme though, go for it. Don't go halfway, and make it look classy. If you have posters, don't use push pins to put them up; hang your posters so they look nice. Take the extra effort to make everything match the theme you are going for. Nothing sticks out like a neon beer sign in a game room designed to look like a movie theatre.

Perks and Luxuries

If you are going to spend a lot of time in your game room, and others will spends large chunks in it with you, consider investing in a few luxury items. Things that, while not essential, can make your time that much more enjoyable.

If your game room is going to double as a in-home theatre, a popcorn maker and drink dispenser become must-haves. If you get sore or tense while playing, maybe a massage chair is needed. Want to impress your guests with the latest in gamingPick up an HTC Vive and have the space available to truly enjoy what VR has to offer. Maybe you want some more traditional games, like pool or ping pongDon't be afraid to add them to your room if you have the space.

Keep It Clean, Keep It Fresh

As you spend more and more time in your game room, it might pick up a few stains, smells, and messes. Please, for yourself and your guests, keep it clean. Nothing distracts from an awesome game room more than an unnatural stink and garbage on the ground. Clean up before and after you have guests.

Keep adding and subtracting to your game room over time so that it stays fresh. That way, when people come over, they'll always have new things to admire, and you'll keep getting a happy feeling when you admire your work.

Now you are ready to start looking into building the perfect game room for you. Just be sure you plan out what you do ahead of time, like picking the right room and having a killer theme, to help guide your design.