Hulu's Castle Rock won't be returning for a third season as the Stephen King anthology series has been cancelled. According to Deadline, the decision not to renew the show had been made some time ago, and there are no plans to continue the series on HBO Max. The second season debuted more than a year ago, and while it's not uncommon for TV shows to be picked up late, it wasn't looking good for Castle Rock returning. The ambitious anthology series created by Sam Shaw & Dustin Thomason and produced by J.J Abrams brought together characters from multiple Stephen King books in the town of Castle Rock, and it was sorely underrated from the start. 

The first season centred on a mysterious young man (Bill SkarsgĂ„rd) who was found in the basement of Shawshank prison. However, it was the second run that gave us something extra special with Lizzy Caplan starring as a young Annie Wilkes. Stepping into the same shoes as the legendary Kathy Bates from Misery, Caplan is a revelation as the mentally troubled nurse trying to find a fresh start with her daughter. Unbeknown to Annie, Castle Rock is home to a slow invasion that seems to stem from a mysterious house on Salem's Lot. Also starring Tim Robbins, Castle Rock season 2 was a slow burn masterpiece that deserved a bigger audience. 

The end of Castle Rock isn't the end of J.J Abrams' love of turning Stephen King's work into TV shows. Abrams will produce a new series for HBO Max that will explore the nightmarish mythology of The Overlook Hotel. The infamous location was first introduced in The Shining, and we revisited it with the epic Doctor Sleep, but the TV series will take place long before the Torrance family came to stay. 

Both seasons of Castle Rock are available to stream on Hulu, UK fans can catch it on StarzPlay via Amazon Prime.