Hulu is in serious discussions with series creator Rob Thomas to bring Veronica Mars back for a brand new series. According to Deadline, the Hulu deal is being finalised to secure star Kristen Bell and the majority of the main cast from the original series.

Launching back in 2004, Veronica Mars centred on a young private investigator (played by Bell) as she returned to her hometown and became embroiled in a series of mysteries. Sharp scripts, a great cast, and a neat premise were enough to make it an instant cult classic with fans, but it always struggled to find a big enough audience to keep the show alive. After three seasons, The CW cancelled Veronica Mars in 2007 much to the dismay of the loyal fans that had championed the series.

Cut to 2013, and a successful Kickstarter campaign set up by Thomas and Bell raised more than $5.7 million to bring Veronica Mars back as a feature film. A year on from Kickstarter campaign was set up; the film was simultaneously released in selected cinemas and Home Entertainment. Naturally, fans were immediately asking if there would be a sequel, a spin-off series, or some form of continuation. It might have taken eleven long years, but the return of Veronica Mars to the small screen if finally happening.

If you're a fan of The Good Place (that also stars Kristen Bell) don't panic, the proposed Veronica Mars revival won't get in the way of Bell's commitments to the sinfully good afterlife sitcom. While we're on the subject of The Good Place (binge it now if you haven't already), the acclaimed comedy from Michael Schur (The Office, Parks & Recreation) is back this September with thirteen new episodes. UK fans will be able to catch new episodes weekly on Netflix.