Another enthralling mystery will unfold at The Arconia as Hulu has handed out an early renewal for Only Murders In The Building. Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, the series centres on a trio of true crime obsessed tenants of the Arconia building in New York City. They band together (through their love of true crime podcasts) to solve a murder of a disliked neighbour, but all is not quite as it seems. 

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, the comedy murder mystery has become Hulu's most-watched original series, and the first season has yet to conclude. Speaking about the early pick-up, Hulu's Craig Erwich had this to say;

“Only Murders in the Building reflects the kind of creative excellence that is the hallmark of Hulu Originals. Steve, John and Dan have created a uniquely captivating and entertaining series. The audience’s response to the delightful blend of mystery, humour and emotion in the show has been overwhelming, and we can’t wait to follow this unlikely trio on their next adventure.”

20th Television president Karey Burke added; 

“There has been something about this project that felt almost fated from the start; from Dan’s first lunch with Steve in which Steve happened to mention he had an idea for a series, to John jumping aboard to co-create it, to Steve’s agreeing to star but only if Marty joined him, to the inspired addition of Selena. The comedy this team delivered has been the obsession of every executive at this studio, and our friends at Hulu have treated it like the crown jewel that it is. And now, thanks to the incredible audience response, we are so happy to say there will be more murders in the building — which is great news for everyone, except perhaps the residents of the Arconia.”

Steve Martin and Martin Short have enjoyed a long-standing working relationship since 1986 with The Three Amigos, two (and a half) Father of the Bride movies, and their live stage show arrived on Netflix back in 2018. There is just something comforting about seeing these two pros play off each other; we can only hope there are plenty more murders in the building to come. 

New episodes of Only Murders In The Building are available Tuesdays on Star via Disney+.