Hulu has hit the brakes for its previously announced Ghost Rider series with news that the show is no longer moving forward. Arguably one of the best things about season four of Agents of SHIELD was Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider (aka Robbie Reyes). Luna was all set to reprise the role (with some major retooling of the character) for his own Hulu series, but for reasons that remain unclear, that's no longer the case. 

The now Disney owned Hulu already has a Marvel hit series with Runaways, and the forthcoming  Helstrom and Ghost Rider seemed like a good addition to that mix. According to Deadline, "Hulu and the Ghost Rider team had reached a creative impasse which could not be resolved, leading to the streamer’s decision not to move forward with the series." 

Ghost Rider made it to the big screen twice with Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, while it contained many of the key ingredients of a classic Nic Cage movie, to call them a worthy adaptation of the material would be a stretch. I'm not saying watching Cage turning into a motorcycle-riding skeleton on fire isn't without some fun, but Ghost Rider deserved better. That better arrived in season four of Agents of SHIELD with Luna portraying a different version of the character. While Luna lacks Cage's what the hell is going to do next vibe he brings to every performance, Luna's Robbie Reyes was a well-received addition to the team. Ghost Rider as a character might feature in Marvel's plans in the future, but for now, it joins the list of defunct TV projects.

Agents of SHIELD returns for its final season next summer, and Helstrom is expected to launch on Hulu sometime next year.