Weaponised folklore at its best. Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action heads to shelves on August 17 from Image Comics.

We love nothing more than a supernatural adventure that takes folklore and places it centre stage. Throw in a regular Joe and you've got some interesting reading. Dream team Simon Spurrier (X-Men: Legacy) and mega artist Ryan Kelly bring their own unique blends in order to bring the monsters of London town to life.

Meet Lou: a street musician savaged by a supernatural terror. 

Meet Lou: a civilian crossing war-torn Afghanistan with a unit of shapeshifting soldiers. 

Meet Lou: a monstress held captive by the rogue beast she was sent to kill. 

CRY HAVOC interweaves three stages of a remarkable life into a critically-exalted saga of military, myth, and mania, including an unprecedented use of multiple colorists (Matt Wilson, Lee Loughridge, & Nick Filardi) to define the story's threads.