The long-awaited fifth instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise will no longer be swinging into cinemas in 2020. According to Deadline, Steven Spielberg's commitments to the remake of West Side Story and his desire to make The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara his next picture could force Indiana Jones 5 to be pushed by up to a year.

Aside from Spielberg's availability, the cause for the delay could also be down to the hiring of a new writer for a page one rewrite. Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasden is closing a deal to take over scripting duties from David Koepp. Jonathan Kasden is the son of Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark writer Lawrence Kasden, and they wrote Solo together. Don't hold that against them.

Production was tentatively scheduled to commence in early 2019, but that's not going to happen, and it remains unclear when Harrison Ford's swan song as the beloved character will emerge. 2021 will mark the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so it's entirely possible that Indy 5 will hit cinemas to celebrate in style. That said, it has taken Spielberg and co over a decade to get a follow up to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull off the ground, so don't hold me to that 2021 speculative release date.

Disney has yet to make an official comment or remove the movie from their release calendar, but that could change in the coming days. The fans response to the previous sequel (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) hasn't improved over the last ten years. While we can all agree it felt like an Indiana Jones film, it's by far the least enjoyable instalment (including The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series, it's canon) and wasn't the farewell the character deserved.

Now that Disney owns Indiana Jones, the new movie is expected to be the first of many adventures for the intrepid archaeologist. Chris Pratt was previously rumored to be taking on the role in a reboot or spin-off as Indiana's son. That might be more fan wishful thinking as nothing materialised, but with his Marvel contract nearly up, and one more Jurassic flick, Pratt will be available for a new franchise.