Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's fantastic anthology series Inside No.9 will return for a fifth batch of standalone stories. A few hours before the broadcast of the series four finale (Tempting Fate), the BBC had confirmed that Inside No.9 would return for new episodes early next year, and made the announcement over the credits of the last episode.

Speaking about the renewal, Pemberton and Shearsmith jested;

"Having tried and failed to convince the BBC to produce a full Cheese & Crackers series (or at the very least a Summertime Special), we have reluctantly agreed to do another series of Inside No. 9."

The delightfully dark anthology has enjoyed a growing audience since its launch in 2014, and the recent series has been home to some of the most ambitious episodes to date. During a Q&A on Twitter, Shearsmith revealed that they would be open to the idea of an Inside No.9 movie if they were approached to do so, and reuniting with fellow League of Gentlemen Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson would be "the obvious place to start".

The League of Gentlemen enjoyed a triumphant return with three special episodes to mark the twentieth anniversary of forming the comedy troupe. The return trip to Royston Vassey was full of horror, dark comedy, and unexpected moments of heartfelt drama.     We can only hope The League don't leave it so long before reuniting again, as I think we need their sense of humor in our lives now more than ever.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Dyson makes his directorial debut alongside Andy Nyman with the film adaptation of their hit stage show, Ghost Stories. Featuring Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse, and Andy Nyman, Ghost Stories is set for release on April 13.